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Course Details

This intermediate to advanced level course focuses on the management of forearm, wrist and carpal conditions including fracture dislocations. This lecture and lab course is designed to enhance the understanding of the complexity of the wrist joint. An in-depth assessment and management of various clinical conditions affecting the wrist simplifies understanding of various clinical pathologies.


The purpose of this course is to enhance theoretical and practical knowledge to be better able to problem solve and design treatment programs for a variety of wrist conditions.


Course Objectives:


Upon completion of course, therapist will:

  • recognize the complexity of the wrist anatomy
  • demonstrate a sequential examination of the wrist
  • develop a treatment plan based on physiological, biological and biomechanical principles for the wrist
  • recognize the principles and perform joint mobilization for the wrist and carpals (joint mobilization lab)


This course features an in-depth presentation of:

  • anatomy of the wrist
  • kinematics of the wrist and forearm
  • evaluation of the wrist–with hands-on lab
  • distal radius fractures
  • carpal dislocations and instabilities
  • carpal fractures
  • TFCC injuries
  • common surgical procedures of the wrist
  • management of the stiff wrist
  • CPM for the wrist and forearm
  • Joint mobilization lab 


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Volar Sag Ulnar Carpus
Midcarpal Instability
Joint Proprioception Dart Throweres Plane
Greater Arc Injury-Results
CLIP Repair-Results
Wrist Fluro normal
S-L Ligament Tear
Normal Radio Ulnar motion
Normal Radio Ulnar Dorsal