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Course Details

This Intermediate to advanced level course is designed to enhance the understanding of hand anatomy, with the focus on intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the hand and its influence on digital biomechanics, various instabilities and deformities of the thumb and fingers. The presentation includes various pathology videos, cadaver dissections, animations, hand pathology videos, cadaver dissections, animations, pathomechanics of swan neck and boutonniere deformities. The course presents an in-depth clinical reasoning of therapeutic interventions to improve hand function. This comprehensive course provides a detailed analytical approach to the rehabilitation of the hand.


Course Objectives:


Upon completion of the course, the therapist will:

  • learn the complex anatomy of the extrinsic and intrinsic muscles of the hand
  • understand normal physiology of digital motion
  • understand how vectors cause certain deformities of the hand
  • understand the thumb and small finger motion and dysfunction
  • understand swan neck and boutonniere deformities
  • learn the prevention and treatment of these conditions


This course features an in-depth presentation of:

  • anatomy and biomechanics of the hand
  • physiology and kinematics of digital motion
  • biomechanics of the thumb
  • “mini but mighty” – small finger
  • vector analysis of hand deformities
  • the complex pip joints
  • swan neck deformities
  • boutonniere and pseudo boutonniere deformities
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Hyper Ext-Abd Rotation
Finger ROM after Replant of the hand
Functional Results following Mutilating Injuries
Functional Results following Mutilating Injuries
Functional Results following Mutilating Injuries
ROM Results after joint release
CPM-after joint release
Normal Finger Extension and Flexion
Normal Finger motion