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Course Details

This intermediate to advanced level course focuses on the management of the wrist and hand deformities in rheumatoid arthritis. The course is designed to enhance the understanding the progression of deformities in the wrist and hand rheumatoid arthritis conditions.  The course focuses on detailed assessment of pathomechanics and presents management of these conditions. Understanding of timely therapeutic interventions help minimize and/or reduce the progression of ligamentous, tendinous failures resulting into-articular changes. Shrikant has taught this course to family physician and rheumatology residents and fellows for over 20 years.


The purpose of this course is to enhance theoretical and practical knowledge to aid in problem solving and designing of the treatment programs for a variety and level of rheumatoid arthritic condition.


Course Objectives:


Upon completion of workshop, therapist will:

  • understand the anatomy of the wrist and hand
  • understand wrist and hand kinematics
  • understand the pathomechanics wrist and hand deformities
  • sequentially assess the deformities and plan the treatment program for non-surgical and surgical RA conditions


Course features an in-depth presentation of:

  • anatomy of the forearm and wrist
  • kinematics of the wrist and forearm
  • architecture of the hand
  • pathomechanics of the wrist and hand deformities
  • swan neck and boutonniere deformities
  • arthroplasties and tendon transfers
  • joint protection and energy conservation
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Tendon Subluxation
Sagittal Band Attenuation Test-2
PIP Arthroplasty-AROM
CMC Arthroplasty -Thumb Motion
Swan Neck Deformity