Sue Lee, M.Sc.OT, OTR

Shrikant, your enthusiasm and passion for hand therapy are infectious. I am excited to embark on my career knowing that I have learned from the vert best! Thank you!

Cameron Van Oort, M.Sc.OT

Shrikant sat down with me numerous times as a student to draw detailed anatomical images of the hand and wrist on paper towel whilst explaining the various structures he was drawing. This experience augmented my understanding of upper extremity anatomy, biomechanics, and treatment greater than any textbook and/or research paper could have done. He is a scholar and an excellent teacher.

Joey Pipicelli, M.Sc. OT, CHT

Shrikant has trained Each and every member of our hand therapy team and, essentially, a generation of hand therapists, to provide the best evidence based care in the world to the patients we serve.

Gill Barr, OT, CHT

Shrikant is the “GOLD STANDARD” in hand therapy. His passion for the profession is closely followed by his own love of teaching. Those of us who have worked, and travelled to conferences with him, have seen his humour and generosity of years.

Juliana Larocerie, M.Sc.OT, CHT

It has been a true honour working alongside Shrikant. He is the perfect role model, someone to look up to, the greatest mentor. He is the perfect combination of knowledge, generosity, willingness, compassion, dedication, innovation and persistence. Shrikant teaches us to ALWAYS do better… ALWAYS be the best we can….to ALWAYS go the extra mile. When Shrikant is close by, there is a constant feeling of “the impossible is possible” in the air.

J.B. , OT, CHT

He is just a walking encyclopedia of anatomy and hand therapy.

M.C, OT. Reg(On.)

When I think of Shrikant, one phrase comes to my mind is that he is my “Go-To-Guy”. No matter how busy he is, he always finds time to answer a question, give guidance or lend a helping hand….all without making you feel belittled or a burden.


“Extensor Quadriga” – I had never heard of it and neither I believed in it until you showed me few cases and discussed the consequences. I commend your problem solving skills – Personal communication


I was impressed when you presented this child with PIP joint intra-articular fracture. Everyone had given up on him but your recommendation of doing osteoclasis and traction splinting ideas and early motion to regain joint motion was genius. – personal communication


I had no doubt, I hired a right person for this job. I knew, this individual has a passion for research, teaching and patient care and I am confident that he will bring the program to a high level. I offered him an access to a biomechanics lab and to teach the resident and fellows about the hand therapy.

AT, California

Thank you for presenting complex brachial plexus injuries and their, pre and post-op management. I wasn’t aware of brachial plexus orthsis and its use for muscle training. I can use the skills right away in the clinic starting tomorrow.

RS, Baltimore

I loved all the cadaver dissection, patient videos and animation you presented during the course. These simplified understanding of swan neck and boutonniere deformities and its progression. After taking your course I realized that truly one can walk 10 steps ahead of game and stop/prevent secondary deformities of the hand.

MT, Boston, MA

Your teaching stule is uniqe. you made most difficult subject so easy, I can now remember VISI/ DISI patterns of instability. I would recommend every therapist to learn from you.

Dr. Ashley Kim, MD, FRCSC

Shrikant is a true expert in upper extremity therapy. He shows attention to detail and professionalism in all of his patient care. He implements effective practice based on the latest evidence based models, with a solid foundation in anatomy. It is always a pleasure and wonderful learning experience working with Shrikant.

Dr. Christine Nicholas, MD., FRCSC

Shrikant Chinchalkar is one of the most knowledgeable hand therapists I have encountered during my training in Plastic Surgery. He treats every patient individually and develops comprehensive treatment plans based on a sound knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. People often feel that surgery is the solution to their hand problems, but they underestimate the value of therapy and I would highly recommend Shrikant in this regards.

M. R. (OTR/K, CHT)

A very knowledgeable speaker.  Excellent teaching style.  Now I know how I can make a difference in my outcome.

Florida, USA

A. F.

Excellent presenter and speaker.  Makes complex topics simple to understand.

Toronto, ON

J. F.

Superb use of audio visual.  Cadaveric dissections along with fluoroscopy and animations make biomechanics of various deformities and the management easy to understand.

Montreal, PQ