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This basic, intermediate and advanced level splinting workshop focuses on the importance of splinting in various upper extremity conditions.  The course is designed to enhance the understanding of splinting principles and hands on fabrication experience in handling different thermoplastics, and hardware.  The presentation focuses on diagnoses specific assessment of the hand and management of various conditions by means of splinting. The “Splinting 101” course is designed to focus on static splints for simpler diagnoses. Whereas, “Splinting 102” focuses on other complex injuries requiring either dynamic or static progressive splinting and components.


Course Objectives: Splinting 101


Upon completion of workshop, therapist will:

  • understand common hand pathologies of the hand.
  • learn hand evaluation
  • understand the principles of splinting
  • understand biological, physiological and mechanical reasoning of splinting
  • be able to fabricate splints for the wrist, hand and thumb
  • systematically analyze the splints regarding its effectiveness
  • understand application of splinting in various wrist and hand conditions


Course Objectives: Splinting 102


Prerequisite – splinting 101

Upon completion of workshop, therapist will:

  • understand complex hand pathologies of the hand.
  • learn stages wound healing
  • understand physiology of joint stiffness and end-feel
  • effect of stress on healing tissues
  • learn fabrication of dynamic and static progressive splint for forearm, wrist, hand
  • learn application of static progressive splinting
  • understand the physiology of continuous passive motion


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Anti-Boutonniere-Capner splint
MCP Blocking Splint
MCP hyper extension-Secondary to PIP flexion Contracture