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Course Details

This comprehensive, intermediate to advanced level course focuses on the management of the various elbow disorders. This lecture and lab course are designed to enhance the understanding of the complexity of the elbow joint. An in-depth assessment and management of various elbow conditions is presented.


The purpose of this course is to enhance theoretical and practical knowledge to be better able to problem solve and design treatment programs for a variety of upper extremity conditions.


Video clips, animation and fresh cadaver dissection, fluoroscopy films are presented throughout the course to demonstrate clinical reasoning of therapeutic interventions and to simplify understanding of this complex joint.


Course Objectives:


Upon completion of course, therapist will understand:

  • the anatomy and kinematics of the elbow and forearm
  • trauma and its effect on elbow joint stiffness
  • management of fractures and dislocations of the elbow
  • management of nerve compression around the elbow
  • management of stiff elbow using various orthotics


Course features an in-depth presentation of:

  • anatomy and biomechanics of elbow and forearm
  • elbow and forearm kinematics and mechanics
  • distal humeral fractures
  • olecranon and coronoid fractures
  • radial head fractures
  • simple and complex (terrible triad) dislocations of the elbow
  • postero and medio-lateral rotary instability
  • compression neuropathies of the elbow
  • management of the stiff elbow
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Terrible Triad
Posterolateral elbow dislocation
Medial Elbow Dislocation
Medial Collateral Ligament Tear