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Course Details

This intermediate to semi-advanced level course is designed to enhance the understanding of the impact of tendon injuries and fractures on the hand. The comprehensive course provides an analytical approach to the rehabilitation of Zone-Specific tendon injuries and various fractures. In addition, hands-on joint mobilization lab sessions discuss the physiology of restoring function in the wrist and hand.


Animation, video-clips of cadaver dissection, surgery, pathomechanics, and treatment enhance the learning experience.


Course Objectives:


Upon completion of course, therapist will be able to:

  • identify the anatomy of the PIP joint, flexor, and extensor tendons
  • recognize normal kinematics and physiology of digital motion
  • learn the various methods of managing flexor and extensor tendons using sound clinical reasoning described in the literature
  • list/recognize the different methods for the management of PIP joint injuries
  • list/recognize the different methods for management of distal radius fractures
  • list/recognize the different methods for principles of wrist and hand splinting
  • recognize the principles and perform joint mobilization for the wrist and carpals (joint mobilization lab)


Course features an in-depth presentation of:

  • extensor tendon anatomy, biomechanics of digital motion
  • zone specific management of extensor tendon injuries
  • flexor tendon anatomy, biomechanics of digital flexion
  • zone-specific management of tendon injuries
  • fractures of the hand
  • distal radius fractures
  • complex mutilating injuries of upper extremity
  • joint mobilization


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