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A great hand therapy review course for the hand therapy certification exam!


This intermediate to advanced level comprehensive two-day course provides an in-depth analytical approach to hand rehabilitation based on wound healing, tissue physiology and biomechanics.  This course is for the therapists who want to enhance their theoretical knowledge and practical skills to problem solve and design treatment programs for a variety of upper extremity conditions. Shrikant has taught this course to Ortho, Plastics, Family Medicine, Physiatry and ER residents and fellows by conducting teaching rounds for nearly 25 years.


Lecture includes video clips on cadaver dissection, surgery, animation of pathomechanics, treatment to further enhance the educational experience.


Course Objectives:


Upon completion of course, therapist will:

  • recognize the architecture and muscle physiology of the hand
  • identify the effects of wound healing on hand biomechanics
  • identify how to analyze vectors that cause an imbalance of the hand and pro-actively treat these conditions to prevent secondary permanent deformities
  • recognize and demonstrate techniques used to treat the pathologies of various hand deformities
  • recognize and differentiate the mechanism of digital motion
  • design and write a treatment plan for a variety of simple and complex hand conditions
  • be able to confidently discuss patient’s conditions and solution with the health care providers


Course features an in-depth presentation of:

  • architecture of the Hand
  • muscle physiology
  • wound healing
  • hand mechanics and vector analysis
  • biomechanics of the thumb
  • hand fractures
  • compressive neuropathies
  • physiology of digital flexion and management of zone specific flexor tendon injuries, tenolysis and reconstruction
  • physiology of digital extension and Zone specific management of extensor tendon injuries
  • secondary deformities of the hand
  • mutilating injuries of the hand and upper extremity
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