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Courses Offered
These wide-ranging workshops will enhance your clinical skills and help you implement them in to your practice.  You can select from a broad range of workshops from basic to advanced level that will suit your needs and level of expertise. 

1. Management of Common Hand Injuries – (1 days) 

Architecture of Hand
Wound Healing
Hand Evaluation
Edema Control
Flexor Tendon Anatomy, & Management
Extensor Tendon Anatomy, & Management
Fracture Management
Cumulative Trauma Disorders

2. Management of Tendon Injuries and Fractures - Intermediate Level (With Hands-on Splinting Labs) – (2 days)    

Anatomy of Flexor & Extensor Tendons
Flexor & Extensor Tendon Management
Splinting Principles
Splinting Labs: Kleinert, Reverse Kleinert Splints
Management of Distal Radius Fractures
Digital Fractures
PIP Joint Dysfunction
Splinting Labs: Dynamic Wrist and Digital splinting


3. Management of Stiff Joints of the Upper Extremity - Intermediate To Advanced Level (With Hands-on Splinting Labs) – (2 days)    

Splinting Principles
Hand Evaluation
Management of Stiff Hand Using Splinting Techniques
Splinting Labs: Dynamic and Static Progressive Splints- Digits
Management of Stiff Wrist
Management of Stiff Elbow
Splinting Labs: Dynamic and Static Progressive Splints - Wrist, Elbow and Forearm
Physiology of Motion & Application of Continuous Passive Motion in Stiff Joints


4. Biomechanics of the Hand - Advanced Level (2 days)    

Muscle Physiology
Wound Healing
Hand Mechanics and Vector Analysis
Biomechanics of the Thumb
Physiology of Digital Flexion And Management of Flexor Tendon Injuries
Physiologyof Digital Extension and Management of Extensor Tendon Injuries
Secondary Deformities of the Hand
Mutilating Injuries of the Hand

5. Wrist & Carpal Kinematics – Advanced Level ( 1 ½ Days)    

Anatomy of the Wrist
Kinematics of the Wrist Joint
Kinematics of the Forearm influencing the Wrist Joint
Evaluation of the Wrist & Hands on Labs
Carpal Dislocations
Carpal Fractures
Common Surgical Procedures of the Wrist
Management of the Wrist Pain

6. Biomechanics of the Elbow Joint – Advanced Level ( 1 ½ Days )    

Anatomy of the Elbow Joint
Elbow mechanics
Evaluation of the Elbow
Distal Humeral Fractures
Olecranon & Coronoid Fractures
Radial Head Fractures
Dislocations of the Elbow
Compression Neuropathies at the Elbow

7. Introduction to Splinting - (1 ½ days) – Basic Level    

Architecture of the Hand
Wound Healing
Splinting Principles
Hands on Labs: Splinting Fabrication
   - Resting Hand Splint
   - Wrist Cock Up Splint
   - Thumb Spica
   - Dynamic hand splints
   - Kleinert Splint – Flexor Tendons

8. Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Injuries (1 ½ days) – Basic to Intermediate    

Brachial Plexus Anatomy and Management
Peripheral Nerve – Anatomy, Function and Injuries
Entrapment Neuropathies
Nerve Injuries around the Shoulder
Nerve Injuries around the Elbow Joint
Nerve Injuries around the Wrist and Hand
Tendon transfers in upper extremity

9. Pathomechanics of Wrist and Hand Deformities in RA (1 ½ days) Intermediate to Advanced    

Architecture of the Hand
Mechanism of Digital Flexion and Extension
Anatomy of the Wrist Joint
Carpal and Wrist Kinematics
Pathomechanics of Hand and Wrist Deformities
Thumb Deformities
Boutonniere and Swan Neck Deformities
Joint Protection and Energy Conservation
Joint Arthroplaties/ Arthrodesis


10. Simplifying Management of the Wrist and Elbow (2 days) Basic to Intermediate    

Anatomy of the wrist and forearm
Kinematics of the wrist and forearm
Evaluation of the wrist--with hands-on lab
Carpal dislocations and instabilities
Carpal fractures
Common surgical procedures of the wrist
Anatomy and biomechanics of the elbow
Evaluation of the elbow - Hands-on-lab
Distal humeral fractures
Olecranon and radial head fractures
Dislocations of the elbow

11. Neuro-Physiology of Motion and Peripheral Nerve Injuries (1 ½ days) Basic to Intermediate    

Motor/Sensory Cortex and Pathways
Anatomy of the Nerves
Nerve Physiology
Common Nerve Compression and Injuries
Pathophysiology of the injured nerve
Evaluation and Treatment of Nerve Injuries - Interactive Labs
Tendon Transfers in Nerve Injuries

12. Joint Mobilization from Hand to Elbow (1 ½ days) Basic to Intermediate    

Understand the principles of mobilization and how to apply them
Ability to palpate and mobilize individual carpal bones
Ability to palpate and mobilize the proximal and mid-carpal joints of the wrist
Ability to palpate and mobilize the radiohumeral, ulnohumeral, proximal radioulnar, and distal radioulnar joints of the elbow
Learn several techniques for treating soft tissues of the hand and forearm
Apply techniques learned to common diagnoses in the hand, wrist and elbow
Refund and Cancellation Policy: Hand Rehab reserves the right to cancel a workshop. In the event of cancellation, Hand Rehab will issue a full refund of tuition, within two weeks of notice of cancellation. Hand Rehab is not responsible for reimbursement for ANY travel related expenses, including non-refundable airline tickets, overnight accommodations or other arrangements. It is strongly recommended that you wait for a written confirmation prior to booking non-refundable travel and/or accommodation. If you have not received confirmation 10 days prior to workshop, please contact Hand Rehab to check on the status of your registration. If you need to cancel your registration... please send a written notice of cancellation no later than 10 days prior to workshop. A refund less the administrative fee of $75.00 will be made. No refunds will be given for cancellations postmarked less than 10 days prior to workshop.
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